You should note before I go on that it also states and I quote “While his scheme was legal at the time, new laws in the US and Australia render Mandel’s scheme impossible nowadays. You can no longer buy lottery tickets in bulk and print your tickets at home — two key parts of Mandel’s formula.”

So without further ado Here’s the 6-step formula:

  1. Calculate the total number of possible combinations. (For a lottery that requires you to pick six numbers from 1 to 40, that means 3,838,380 combinations.)
  2. Find lotteries where the jackpot is three times or more the number of possible combinations. which in this particular lottery would mean a minimum jackpot of $11,515,140
  3. Now you need to get investors or a couple of friends to raise enough cash to pay for each combination. All 3,838,380 combinations. (Mandel rounded up 2,524 investors for his push to win the Virginia lottery.)
  4. Print out 3,838,380 millions of tickets with every combination. (This used to be legal. Now you would have to buy the tickets right from the store.)
  5. Deliver the tickets to authorized lottery dealers.
  6. Win the cash. And don’t forget to pay your investors. (Mandel pocketed $97,000 after a $1.3 million win in 1987.)

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