Pick 10 Wheeling Systems

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Wheeling Systems are powerful mathematically based game strategies that provide a systematic method for playing the lotto game. Most importantly, these lottery game strategies are based on the mathematical field of combinatorics. Each game strategy provides upfront the assurances of the system. You can Pick the system that best fits your chosen lottery game strategy. Whether it is a Pick 4, Pick 5 Pick 6, Pick 7, Pick 10, or Powerball. Start winning today!

Table Guide:

  • Numbers: This column indicates the total number of unique numbers that can be included in the lottery wheel system.
  • Assurance: This column shows the type of win guarantee provided by the wheel. For example, a 2/3 assurance means that if the winning numbers are within your selected set, you are guaranteed to have at least 2 correct numbers in one of your combinations.
  • Games: This column represents the total number of different combinations generated by the wheel system. More games mean more combinations to play, increasing coverage but also the cost.

Use this table to select a lottery wheel system that best fits your strategy and budget.

* Indicates New System Added Within the past 90 days

Pick 10 Wheeling Systems

Numbers Assurance Games
20 8/14 8
20 9/14 32
20 9/14 181
25 8/14 83
25 7/14 23
25 9/14 405
30 7/14 102
30 6/14 30