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Advice from the Web on Picking Winning Lottery Numbers

The following is a compilation of some advice we have seen around on how to win the lottery. I thought it convenient to put that advice in one place and let you, the player decide. The opinions expressed are not of this author. I'm simply compiling them in one place.

Advice From Business Insider

From Business Insider Author, Rachel Premack the article was dated October 23, 2018. titled "How to win the lottery according to a mathematician who claims to have hacked the system and won 14 times. Here is how Stefan Mandel did it, and you can too! It is a six-step process, the article states. You should note before I go on that it also states and I quote "While his scheme was legal at the time, new laws in the US and Australia render Mandel's scheme impossible nowadays. You can no longer buy lottery tickets in bulk and print your tickets at home — two key parts of Mandel's formula. So without further ado, Here's the 6-step formula basically involves you purchasing all the combinations or tickets possible in a given lottery. I tend to find this a bit out of reach for most of us. So no longer is it doable, but it is illegal, according to the article. So why push this on us and pay for advice that is illegal? I don't know, but that is up to you. For all that effort, he pocketed $97,000 after a $1.3 million win in 1987. What has been won since? is my question. Read the entire feature about Mandel's feat in The Hustle.

Advice from ""

The article we found was by titled "How to Win the Lottery: 7 Tips that Really Work No Schemes! Common-Sense Lottery-Winning Tips" BY SANDRA GRAUSCHOPF June 17, 2018 It begins with the assertion that throughout the internet there are a lot of tips that don't work. I would agree with that assessment. because there are quite a bit of really not so well thought out ideas on how to win the lottery. However, she does make several good points. I would recommend you read it. The points that are made in this article are these : There is no way of predicting the numbers that will come up. Lotteries are completely random Pick unusual numbers so you won't have to split the winnings. Lottery Software is no better at picking numbers The article goes on about common sense tips. Like knowing the odds of the game you are going to play so you have a better opportunity of winning. This makes sense. Participate in lottery pools. True, there is power in numbers. the other piece of advice we found useful was to beware of lottery scams. You can read about these and more at the end of the article which is found here



Advice from "CBS NEWS"

  This next piece of advice comes from JESSICA HARTOGS CBS NEWS March 22, 2013, 8:18 PM Titled "Seven-time lottery winner shares secret to winning Powerball". "Richard Lustig, seven-time lottery winner.' "LUSTIG TALENT ENTERPRISES" The method from Mr. Lustig is to pick your own numbers versus the quick pick. This is good advice; we support this; you should use a wheeling system every time you play. He also suggests keeping playing the same set of numbers every time. We are not sure about this advice, but he claims that he has won seven times. So who am I to judge. Next, he suggests you research the numbers you picked to see if they are "good" numbers using his method. But of course, you can only find what this method is by purchasing his book. So if you would like to research your number, then buy his book. I personally do not believe too much, but again who am I to argue? I haven't read his book. I rather believe in combinatoric systems, commonly known as wheeling systems, to win the lottery.  

Please note the opinions expressed are my opinions and reviews.