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Latest Georgia Jumbo Bucks Lotto Results:

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Georgia Jumbo Bucks Lotto Analysis & Results:

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Draw History

09: last drawn on 07-11-2024 (3 drawings ago)
21: last drawn on 06-24-2024 (8 drawings ago)
24: last drawn on 06-06-2024 (13 drawings ago)
27: last drawn on 06-13-2024 (11 drawings ago)
35: last drawn on 07-11-2024 (3 drawings ago)
42: last drawn on 05-23-2024 (17 drawings ago)

Top 10 Most Drawn Number in past 100 Drawings

Drawn 25 times.
Drawn 24 times.
Drawn 23 times.
Drawn 21 times.
Drawn 20 times.
Drawn 19 times.
Drawn 18 times.
Drawn 18 times.
Drawn 17 times.
Drawn 16 times.

Top 10 Least Drawn Number in Past 100 Drawings

Drawn 6 times.
Drawn 6 times.
Drawn 7 times.
Drawn 7 times.
Drawn 8 times.
Drawn 8 times.
Drawn 8 times.
Drawn 9 times.
Drawn 9 times.
Drawn 9 times.

Numbers Drawn Frequencies in Past 100 Drawings

NumberDrawn TimesLast DrawnFav
0115 times8 drawings ago
029 times29 drawings ago
0316 times8 drawings ago
0411 times2 drawings ago
059 times2 drawings ago
0612 times31 drawings ago
0717 times3 drawings ago
0811 times6 drawings ago
0916 timesIn the last drawing
106 times31 drawings ago
1125 times4 drawings ago
1214 times3 drawings ago
1310 times23 drawings ago
1424 times5 drawings ago
157 times35 drawings ago
1613 times2 drawings ago
1714 times3 drawings ago
1813 times4 drawings ago
1915 times6 drawings ago
2011 times5 drawings ago
2112 timesIn the last drawing
2212 times5 drawings ago
2323 times4 drawings ago
2418 timesIn the last drawing
259 times18 drawings ago
2620 times11 drawings ago
2711 timesIn the last drawing
286 times3 drawings ago
2910 times7 drawings ago
3013 times16 drawings ago
3119 times3 drawings ago
3218 times9 drawings ago
339 times28 drawings ago
348 times17 drawings ago
3512 timesIn the last drawing
3611 times29 drawings ago
379 times6 drawings ago
387 times7 drawings ago
3910 times2 drawings ago
4015 times2 drawings ago
418 times29 drawings ago
4212 timesIn the last drawing
4311 times31 drawings ago
448 times16 drawings ago
4510 times7 drawings ago
4621 times4 drawings ago
4710 times2 drawings ago
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Georgia Jumbo Bucks Lotto

Georgia Jumbo Bucks Lotto

History and Background

Georgia Jumbo Bucks Lotto is a popular lottery game in the state of Georgia, offering players the chance to win substantial cash prizes. Launched by the Georgia Lottery, Jumbo Bucks Lotto has become a favorite among lottery enthusiasts for its straightforward gameplay and exciting jackpots.

Key Milestones and Changes

2014 Launch of Jumbo Bucks Lotto in Georgia.
2016 Introduction of the Jumbo Bucks Lotto with Cash Match feature.
2020 Improvements in odds and prize structures.

Game Schedule

Draw Days and Times

Georgia Jumbo Bucks Lotto drawings are held twice a week:

  • Every Monday and Thursday:
  • Drawings at 11:00 PM ET.

Frequency of Draws

The game offers two draws per week, providing multiple opportunities for players to participate and win.

How to Play

Detailed Rules for Each Game

Playing Georgia Jumbo Bucks Lotto is simple and straightforward. Here are the key rules:

Number Selection

Players select six numbers from a pool of 1 to 47. Each ticket costs $1 per play. Players can also opt for the Cash Match feature for an additional $1, which allows for instant winnings.

Ticket Purchasing

Tickets can be purchased from any authorized Georgia Lottery retailer or online through the official Georgia Lottery website. Players can also opt for multi-draws to participate in multiple draws with a single purchase.

Draw Process

During the draw, six numbers are randomly selected. Players win by matching their numbers to the drawn numbers in various combinations.

Winning and Prizes

Prize Structure

Georgia Jumbo Bucks Lotto offers multiple prize tiers, with the top prize being awarded to players who match all six numbers. Prizes are also awarded for matching five, four, and three numbers.

Jackpot Details

The top prize amount varies based on ticket sales and the number of winners. If there are no top prize winners, the prize rolls over to the next draw, increasing the jackpot.

Odds and Prize Structure

Odds of Matching Numbers

The odds of winning a prize in Georgia Jumbo Bucks Lotto vary by prize tier:

Explanation of Odds Calculation

The odds are calculated based on the total number of possible combinations of the drawn numbers. The combination formula (C(n, k) = n! / [k!(n - k)!]) is used to determine the odds for each prize tier.

Comprehensive Odds Table for Game

6 Jackpot 1 in 10,737,573
5 $500 1 in 43,649
4 $50 1 in 873
3 $5 1 in 50

Claiming Prizes

How to Claim

Players can claim their prizes through several methods based on the prize amount.

In-Store Claims

Prizes up to $600 can be claimed at any authorized Georgia Lottery retailer. Present the winning ticket to receive your prize.

Mail-in Claims

For prizes over $600, players can mail their winning tickets to the Georgia Lottery office. Include a completed claim form and a copy of your identification. Send the ticket and documents to:

Georgia Lottery Corporation
P.O. Box 56966
Atlanta, GA 30343

Prizes that require in person claims

For large prizes, including the top prizes, players must claim their winnings in person at the Georgia Lottery office. Bring your winning ticket and valid identification.

Online Claims

Currently, the Georgia Lottery does not offer online claims for lottery prizes. All claims must be made in person or by mail.

Tax Implications

Lottery winnings are subject to federal and state taxes. Here’s what winners need to know:

Tax TypeDetails
Federal Taxes The IRS mandates a 24% withholding on prizes over $5,000. This amount is automatically deducted before the prize is awarded to the winner.
State Taxes Georgia imposes a state tax on lottery winnings over $5,000. The state withholding rate is 5.75%.
Local Taxes Depending on the winner's place of residence, local taxes may also apply. Consult a tax professional to understand the full tax implications of your lottery winnings.
Total Withholding Rate The total withholding rate for federal and state taxes on lottery winnings in Georgia is 29.75% for residents and non-residents.

Responsible Gaming

Playing the lottery should be fun and entertaining. It is important to practice responsible gaming to ensure it remains an enjoyable activity. The Georgia Lottery provides several resources to help players manage their play responsibly.

    • Resources and Support:
      • Georgia Council on Problem Gambling:
      • Provides support and resources for individuals struggling with gambling issues. Visit
        for more information.
      • National Problem Gambling Helpline:
      • Offers 24/7 support through a toll-free helpline. Call
        for assistance.
    • Counseling Services:
      • Local Counseling:
      • The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health provides counseling and support services for those affected by gambling. Visit
      for more information.
  • Self-Exclusion Programs:
    • Georgia Lottery Self-Exclusion:
    • Players can voluntarily exclude themselves from purchasing lottery tickets. Visit the Georgia Lottery website for more information on how to enroll.
  • Tips for Responsible Play:
    • Set Limits:
    • Establish a budget for lottery play and stick to it.
    • Play for Fun:
    • Remember that playing the lottery should be a form of entertainment, not a way to make money.
    • Seek Help:
    • If gambling becomes a problem, seek professional assistance immediately.

Contact Information

For more information or assistance, players can contact the Georgia Lottery through the following:

    • Lottery Headquarters:
Georgia Lottery Corporation
250 Williams Street
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: (404) 215-5000
    • Regional Offices:
Visit the Georgia Lottery website for a list of regional offices.
    • Customer Service Contacts:
Phone: (404) 215-5000
    • Online Support Websites: