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Latest Maine Gimme 5 Results:

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Maine Gimme 5 Analysis & Results:

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Draw History

06: last drawn on 07-18-2024 (3 drawings ago)
09: last drawn on 07-16-2024 (5 drawings ago)
13: last drawn on 07-17-2024 (4 drawings ago)
21: last drawn on 07-11-2024 (8 drawings ago)
32: last drawn on 07-15-2024 (6 drawings ago)

Top 10 Most Drawn Number in past 50 Drawings

Drawn 12 times.
Drawn 11 times.
Drawn 11 times.
Drawn 10 times.
Drawn 10 times.
Drawn 9 times.
Drawn 9 times.
Drawn 9 times.
Drawn 8 times.
Drawn 8 times.

Top 10 Least Drawn Number in Past 50 Drawings

Drawn 2 times.
Drawn 4 times.
Drawn 4 times.
Drawn 4 times.
Drawn 4 times.
Drawn 4 times.
Drawn 4 times.
Drawn 4 times.
Drawn 5 times.
Drawn 5 times.

Numbers Drawn Frequencies in Past 50 Drawings

NumberDrawn TimesLast DrawnFav
019 times5 drawings ago
026 times6 drawings ago
036 times5 drawings ago
044 times7 drawings ago
056 times13 drawings ago
0611 timesIn the last drawing
077 times14 drawings ago
088 times6 drawings ago
096 timesIn the last drawing
109 times4 drawings ago
115 times29 drawings ago
125 times13 drawings ago
138 timesIn the last drawing
144 times14 drawings ago
155 times8 drawings ago
165 times5 drawings ago
178 times16 drawings ago
1811 times5 drawings ago
195 times4 drawings ago
2010 times2 drawings ago
215 timesIn the last drawing
228 times10 drawings ago
234 times11 drawings ago
245 times4 drawings ago
256 times2 drawings ago
2612 times4 drawings ago
274 times13 drawings ago
284 times8 drawings ago
295 times26 drawings ago
304 times3 drawings ago
316 times2 drawings ago
326 timesIn the last drawing
334 times2 drawings ago
345 times2 drawings ago
359 times3 drawings ago
3610 times6 drawings ago
372 times21 drawings ago
385 times9 drawings ago
398 times3 drawings ago
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Get Lucky with Maine's Gimme 5 Lottery: Tips and Tricks to Up Your Odds!"

Are you feeling lucky? Well, if you're in Maine, you might want to try your hand at the Gimme 5 lottery! This exciting game offers players the chance to win big bucks, and with a little know-how and a bit of luck, you might just come out on top. Here's everything you need to know about playing, winning, and upping your odds with a lottery wheeling system.

How to Play

Playing Gimme 5 is simple: just pick five numbers from 1 to 39. You can either pick your own numbers or choose Quick Pick for a random selection. Each ticket costs $1, and you can play up to 21 consecutive drawings in advance.

When are the Drawings Held?

Gimme 5 drawings are held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:45 PM EST. So, mark your calendars and make sure to get your tickets in on time!

Additional Features

In addition to the main Gimme 5 jackpot, there are four other prize levels players can win. If you match four, three, or even two numbers, you can still walk away with a decent payout. Plus, there's the "EZmatch" option, which gives players the chance to win instant cash prizes of up to $500 by matching any of the five EZmatch numbers on their ticket.

Odds of Winning

Of course, winning the jackpot is the ultimate goal of playing Gimme 5. The odds of doing so are 1 in 575,757. However, as mentioned before, there are four other prize levels, each with better odds of winning. Here's a breakdown:

Match 4 numbers: 1 in 3,386
Match 3 numbers: 1 in 103
Match 2 numbers: 1 in 10

How to Win

While winning the lottery is largely a matter of luck, there are a few things you can do to up your odds. For one, it's always a good idea to play consistently and stick with the same numbers each time. Some players believe that certain numbers are luckier than others, but whether or not that's true is up for debate.

Another strategy is to play with a lottery wheeling system. This involves selecting more than the five required numbers and using a special formula to create every possible combination of those numbers. This can increase your odds of winning, but keep in mind that it also increases the cost of your tickets.


If you want to learn more about Gimme 5 and lottery wheeling systems, check out the Maine Lottery's official website at There, you'll find more information on how to play, tips for winning, and other exciting games you can try your luck at.

So, what are you waiting for? Give Gimme 5 a try and see if you can strike it lucky!