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Latest Pennsylvania Cash4Life Results:

Drawing date:

Cash Ball: 01

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Pennsylvania Cash4Life Analysis & Results:

Drawing date:

0411234345  01

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Lowest Number Analysis

Draw History

04: last drawn on 05-24-2024 (26 drawings ago)
11: last drawn on 06-12-2024 (7 drawings ago)
23: last drawn on 06-13-2024 (6 drawings ago)
43: last drawn on 06-16-2024 (3 drawings ago)
45: last drawn on 06-15-2024 (4 drawings ago)
Cash Ball (01):
last drawn on 06-13-2024 (6 drawings ago)

Top 10 Most Drawn Number in past 100 Drawings

Drawn 16 times.
Drawn 16 times.
Drawn 15 times.
Drawn 13 times.
Drawn 12 times.
Drawn 12 times.
Drawn 12 times.
Drawn 12 times.
Drawn 12 times.
Drawn 11 times.

Top 10 Least Drawn Number in Past 100 Drawings

Drawn 0 times.
Drawn 2 times.
Drawn 3 times.
Drawn 3 times.
Drawn 3 times.
Drawn 3 times.
Drawn 4 times.
Drawn 4 times.
Drawn 5 times.
Drawn 5 times.

Numbers Drawn Frequencies in Past 100 Drawings

NumberDrawn TimesLast DrawnFav
017 times7 drawings ago
029 times5 drawings ago
0313 times9 drawings ago
044 timesIn the last drawing
059 times30 drawings ago
068 times2 drawings ago
0711 times3 drawings ago
0811 times8 drawings ago
098 times18 drawings ago
1010 times2 drawings ago
118 timesIn the last drawing
1210 times2 drawings ago
139 times29 drawings ago
1410 times6 drawings ago
159 times14 drawings ago
1610 times24 drawings ago
177 times6 drawings ago
181 time73 drawings ago
196 times2 drawings ago
202 times22 drawings ago
217 times23 drawings ago
223 times24 drawings ago
2316 timesIn the last drawing
248 times15 drawings ago
2510 times13 drawings ago
2611 times16 drawings ago
2711 times8 drawings ago
287 times27 drawings ago
299 times10 drawings ago
306 times9 drawings ago
317 times5 drawings ago
326 times5 drawings ago
339 times4 drawings ago
347 times3 drawings ago
358 times7 drawings ago
3612 times2 drawings ago
376 times28 drawings ago
3816 times4 drawings ago
3911 times11 drawings ago
409 times6 drawings ago
4110 times4 drawings ago
425 times26 drawings ago
4312 timesIn the last drawing
4412 times13 drawings ago
4510 timesIn the last drawing
466 times20 drawings ago
474 times40 drawings ago
483 times10 drawings ago
499 times3 drawings ago
5011 times11 drawings ago
519 times30 drawings ago
5212 times12 drawings ago
533 times11 drawings ago
547 times33 drawings ago
556 times60 drawings ago
5615 times3 drawings ago
5712 times4 drawings ago
583 times36 drawings ago
595 times19 drawings ago
605 times6 drawings ago
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Cash Ball Drawn Frequencies in Past 100 Drawings

NumberDrawn TimesLast DrawnFav
0128 timesIn the last drawing
0228 times6 drawings ago
0321 times3 drawings ago
0423 times2 drawings ago
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Unleash Your Inner Lucky Charm with the Pennsylvania Cash 4 Life Lottery

Are you feeling lucky? Want to add some excitement to your life? Look no further than the Pennsylvania Cash 4 Life Lottery! With its easy-to-play format and exciting additional features, this lottery is sure to bring some fun and excitement to your day.

About the Lottery:

The Pennsylvania Cash 4 Life Lottery is a multi-state lottery game that offers players the chance to win $1,000 a day for life or a lump sum cash prize. It's a game of chance that relies on randomly drawn numbers to determine the winners.

How to Play:

To play the Pennsylvania Cash 4 Life Lottery, you need to choose 5 numbers from a pool of 1 to 60 and an additional Cash Ball number from a pool of 1 to 4. If your chosen numbers match the numbers drawn, you win the top prize! You can also win lower-tier prizes by matching fewer numbers.

When Drawings are Held:

Drawings for the Pennsylvania Cash 4 Life Lottery are held every Monday and Thursday at 9:00 PM EST. Don't forget to check your numbers after the drawing to see if you're a winner!

Additional Features:

In addition to the chance to win the top prize, the Pennsylvania Cash 4 Life Lottery offers players the chance to win other prizes such as $2,500 for matching 4 numbers plus the Cash Ball and $25 for matching just the Cash Ball.

The Odds of Winning:

As with any lottery game, the odds of winning the top prize in the Pennsylvania Cash 4 Life Lottery are slim. The odds of winning $1,000 a day for life are approximately 1 in 21,846,048, while the odds of winning the lump sum cash prize are approximately 1 in 7,282,016.

How to Win:

While there's no guaranteed way to win the lottery, there are some strategies you can use to increase your chances of winning. One of these strategies is using a lotto wheel. A lotto wheel is a method of combining a pool of numbers in a way that covers all possible combinations, increasing your odds of winning.

Abbreviated Wheeling Systems:

One type of lotto wheeling system is the abbreviated wheeling system. This system allows you to choose a smaller pool of numbers to play, while still covering all possible combinations. This reduces the cost of playing and increases your chances of winning a prize.

How to Win using a Lottery Wheeling System:

To increase your chances of winning with a lottery wheeling system, it's important to choose a reputable website that offers free wheeling systems and lottery analysis. The website is a great resource for free wheeling systems, lotto results, and analysis for all lotteries, including the Pennsylvania Cash 4 Life Lottery.

In conclusion, the Pennsylvania Cash 4 Life Lottery is a fun and exciting way to add some excitement to your life. While the odds of winning the top prize are slim, using a lotto wheeling system can increase your chances of winning a prize. Don't forget to visit the free website for all your lottery needs. Good luck and happy playing!


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